Exhaust wrap 800 deg C, 25mm, 15m roll. Číslo produktu výrobce: VS-B-25-15

Exhaust wrap 800 deg C, 25mm, 15m roll

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Exhaust wrap for exhaust manifolds, downpipes and exhaust systems. 

The main advantage are that the exhaust gases keeps their high temperature which is good for engine performance.

Another advantage are that by wrap the exhaust manifold and downpipe you can reduce the under hood tempereatures a lot.

Length: 15 m

Temperature range: max 800°C cont. max 1100°C temp. °C

Thickness: 2 mm

Width: 25 mm

Assembly: Wrap firm around pipes in dry condition and use stainless steel ties at start, end or splice. Always wrap with an overlap of about 5 mm.

Applications: To wrap around exhaust manifold, downpipe and exhaust system to keep temperature in exhaust gases and to protect parts close to the exhaust from radiant heat.


Kód zboží: 522VS-B-25-15

Číslo produktu výrobce: VS-B-25-15