Rechargeable Air Pump with Powerbank. Číslo produktu výrobce: AP106 BSR

Rechargeable Air Pump with Powerbank

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Smart rechargeable air pump with a pressure gauge, flashlight and powerbank.

Blue LCD digital display for pressure reading.
Ability to set the desired pressure with automatic shutdown upon reaching the pressure.
Changeable nozzles that fit bicycle and car tires, balls and air mattresses etc.
LED light on the short side of the pump allows you to use it as a flashlight.
Can be charged via USB or 12V cigarette lighter socket in the car.
Powerbank for phone charging.

Size: 18 x 5,5cm
Max pump pressure: 150 PSI/10 Bar
Adjustable pressure measurement: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg/cm²
Battery capacity: 4x500mAh
Weight: 352g

Air pump
Charging cables for USB and 12V lighter outlet
4 nozzles for bicycle tires, car tires, ball and air mattress
User manual

Kód zboží: 800199

Číslo produktu výrobce: AP106 BSR