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Foliatec Rim Kit 2C Spray Paint, Silver glossy . Číslo produktu výrobce: 2352

Foliatec Rim Kit 2C Spray Paint, Silver glossy

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Foliatec 2-component spray paint is a system of color and hardener in the same can.
This kit is for 4 rims.
Can be used for brake calippers and engine blocks etc.

Resistant to chemicals and brake fluids.
Resistant to oil and detachment.Long-lasting shine and easy to clean.
Extremely hard and can handle heat up to 300°C.

3 x 400 ml cans 2C spray paint
25 cards for masking
4 cleaning wipes for degreasing
1 pair of disposable protective gloves
1 grinding sponge
1 high quality microfibre cloth for the cleaning and care

Kód zboží: 218FOLI2352

Číslo produktu výrobce: 2352