Powerbank / flashlight. Číslo produktu výrobce: CTWO 11671 LED Tube Powerbank

Powerbank / flashlight


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Powerbank / flashlight

More power to your device! BSR's combined powerbank and flashlight is a smart thing to have within reach in the car. If an emergency situation appear you will always have power for a phone call and a light source to find in the dark.

The casing is made in anodized, black, aluminium with a lazer etched logo, giving it a solid feel and makeing it withstand rough treatment. It's compact and easy to carry and charged with the boundled USB cord. Thanks to its compact shape its easy to fit in a poket and the LEDbulb gives a bright light even though the product is small.


Technichal specification:



Input: 5V/1A

output: 5V/1A

Kód zboží: 800100

Číslo produktu výrobce: CTWO 11671 LED Tube Powerbank